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As cloud hosting has grown in popularity, we’ve seen more and more server hosting control panels pop up that are specifically focused on helping you easily host WordPress sites on cloud hosting from providers such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Lightsail, and more.

Most of these options are SaaS tools – the big names here are RunCloud, GridPane, SpinupWP, etc. Cloudways also offers this type of hosting, though with a more managed approach.

WPCloud Deploy is sort of like those tools, but it’s an open-source, native WordPress plugin. That is, you can set up your own WordPress install to act as your own self-hosted control panel to manage cloud hosting from popular providers and quickly fire up new WordPress sites as needed.

You not only get full ownership of your hosting control panel (and the ability to customize it), but you also get to avoid the monthly fees that