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Instagram Bug Let Hackers Spy On You By Sending Tweaked Images

Instagram Bug Let Hackers Spy On You By Sending Tweaked Images

Details of a bug on Instagram Android and iOS app reveal that hackers could spy on you by sending an image. Not just this, the bug could also lead to Instagram repeatedly crashing till uninstalled and re-installed.

Gal Elbaz from Check Point, a cybersecurity company told Bleeping Computer about the issue. The Instagram bug was a vulnerability caused by third-party code integration. This bug can let hackers send a specifically tweaked image to your phone, designed to crush Instagram and spy on users.

How Did This Instagram Bug Work?

It started with the hacker sending a corrupted image on your email or WhatsApp. If you saved that image, the bug became active. Then, when you open Instagram, the bug started doing its work. Basically, it was capable of only crashing the app multiple times, but

10 Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps For Android & iOS | 2020 Edition

Millions of people exchange messages every day. But how many people know what happens to a message once they send it? Could their messages be intercepted by a third-party?

We live in an age of internet surveillance and data logging. Agencies and government organizations often want access to private communication; we have had instances of CIA hacking attempts and attempts by the FBI to gain unauthorized access.

To tackle such issues, there has been a rise in secure messaging apps. These apps focus on keeping your privacy intact with a feature called end-to-end encryption.

A message is end-to-end encrypted if your service provider cannot open it on their servers, i.e., only the people you are communicating with can access the message. And neither the government nor the developers can access it.

If confidentiality is critical for your communication, check out this list of some of the best encrypted messaging apps for Android

A New Self-Hosted Instagram “Link in bio” Solution for WordPress

A New Self-Hosted Instagram “Link in bio” Solution for WordPress

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram only lets users add one precious URL in their profile bio. This has given rise to a number of online SASS solutions aimed at maximizing the potential of your link-in-bio URL.

While most available services limit users to using product-branded URLs, there is one WordPress plugin that lets you create self-hosted link-in-bio solutions for your website.

Spotlight is an Instagram feed plugin that not only comes with a wide variety of customization options, but the premium version now lets you create links between your Instagram posts and your articles, pages, products, or any other custom URL.

Before I get to the tutorial part of this article, let’s take a quick look at why link-in-bio pages are essential to your marketing strategy.

Take Your Audience From Your Instagram Feed to Your Website in One Click

A link-in-bio website, or Insta website as

Master Addons for Elementor Review: Useful New Features & 40+ Widgets

Master Addons for Elementor Review: Useful New Features & 40+ Widgets

By the numbers, Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin with over five million active users. One of the many things that makes it so successful is that Elementor encourages third-party developers to create extensions for the core Elementor plugin.

In our Master Addons for Elementor review, we’re going to take a look at one of those extensions.

Master Addons adds a number of new options to Elementor, including both new widgets and new features. For example, you’ll be able to use dynamic conditions to control whether or not widgets appear, create mega menus with Elementor, use custom responsive breakpoints, and lots more.

Master Addons comes in both a free and a paid version, so you’ll be able to benefit from this tool no matter what your budget is.

Keep reading for a hands-on look at everything this plugin has to offer…

Master Addons for Elementor

Data Of 8 Million Indians From Govt’s Coronavirus Portal Allegedly Exposed

Data Of 8 Million Indians From Govt’s Coronavirus Portal Allegedly Exposed

India has emerged as a hotspot for the Coronavirus pandemic, with the country witnessing around 100,000 cases daily.

Collating data of Coronavirus patients is the government’s responsibility, and it seems that the state government of Uttar Pradesh, the biggest state in India, has failed to safeguard the COVID-19 portal. As reported by security researchers from VPNMentor, the COVID-19 surveillance platform of Uttar Pradesh has been compromised, thus exposing the personal data of millions of Indians for anyone to access.

The platform, called “Surveillance Platform Uttar Pradesh Covid-19,”, reportedly built by the regional government of Uttar Pradesh, has numerous vulnerabilities that could jeopardize the country’s plans to control the spread of the virus.

First, the git repository used to store data of millions and contain the source code for the platform was unsecured. No security protocols were put in place, and anyone with knowledge of the platform’s URL and credentials of

How to Add a Cookie Consent Notification in WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

How to Add a Cookie Consent Notification in WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve heard about cookies, you know it is important, but…

What is a cookie?

Cookies are (usually) small files with user details that your website uses to identify specific users and to improve their browsing experience. They act as website visitor trackers. 

A web server sends cookies to your browser when someone visits your website. The browser stores these messages in a file called cookie.txt. When your visitor requests another page from the same server, their browser sends back the cookies to the server. These cookies contain information about your user’s visit to your webpages and also the data that they share like their location, IP, name and preferences. Cookies help you, the website owner, know more about your visitors’ preferences so that you can show them more of what they like. 

Why do you need to let your customers know your website uses cookies?

Cookies are one